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Where Does Spalling Occur the Most? Aiea’s Leading Contractors Explain October 12, 2017

Aiea, Ewa
Where Does Spalling Occur the Most? Aiea’s Leading Contractors Explain, Ewa, Hawaii

Spalling occurs when concrete becomes cracked or flaky as a result of weathering over time. Moisture is typically a leading culprit behind concrete spalling. While the effects of spalling are unsightly, the need for repairs extends far beyond aesthetic reasons alone. In fact, without the help of experienced contractors, spalling could lead to serious structural damage. The team Central Pacific Specialty Contractors in Aiea, HI, is here to explain more about the condition, including the most common spots where it occurs.

Concrete spalling is often seen in the foundation of a home. Because weathering is typically to blame and salt tends to wear concrete down at a quicker rate, your foundation may be at greater risk if your soil has a high salt content. Over time, the foundation absorbs the salt, which will cause the concrete to crack and separate from the substrate. This is especially common in brick foundations.

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In addition to foundations, spalling can also occur in concrete patios and driveways. If the concrete was unable to cure fully, the surface will be more likely to experience spalling. Additionally, significant temperature changes and precipitation that occurs shortly after the concrete is poured can make it more vulnerable.

Contractors use precise concrete spall repair tactics to remedy the issue depending on its location. Typically, repairs consist of removing compromised materials and pouring new concrete. In some minor cases, however, contractors may be able to perform spot treatments to patch only the affected areas. The scope of the concrete spall repair depends on the level of damage already present.

No matter how big or small your concrete issue may be, the team from Central Pacific Specialty Contractors can be trusted to get the job done properly and efficiently. If you’ve noticed cracking, flaking, or crumbling concrete on your foundation, driveway, or patio, don’t wait until the problem worsens to reach out to the contractors. Call (808) 262-2527 to speak directly with one of their knowledgeable team members, or send them a message through their website.

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