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New vs. Used Appliances: Which Is the Better Option? October 12, 2017

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New vs. Used Appliances: Which Is the Better Option?, Redwood, Texas

Appliances make our lives easier, which makes it all the more unsettling when something breaks. Whether the dishwasher refuses to run or the washing machine decides to fail right before laundry night, homeowners must decide between replacing it with a new or used appliance. While machines such as pre-owned washers and dryers are often the most cost-efficient option, there are several benefits and drawbacks that come with each choice. Consumers should consider the following before they buy appliances for the home.

Deciding Between New & Used Appliances

New Appliances

When purchasing a new dishwasher, consumers have the benefit of a product warranty. These guarantees provide peace of mind, as the manufacturer will agree to replace or repair the machine if it breaks.

For those without access to a large truck or similar transportation, getting a new appliance home can be tough. Many stores offer free or discounted delivery for customers, which simplifies the logistics of the purchase.

Appliances that use a significant amount of energy—such as air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters—should be replaced with new models when it’s time to upgrade. You’ll benefit from the most up-to-date technology that will save you money on utility bills.

Used Appliances

used appliancesFinancial savings are the biggest benefit to homeowners when purchasing used appliances. Pre-owned machines are often sold at a fraction of the cost, which is a plus for budget-conscious consumers.

A common misconception about used appliances is that they are defective in some way. However, the reality is that these machines are often in great working condition. Most of the time, a homeowner decides to sell simply because of a kitchen upgrade or a small dent on the side.  

The best appliances to purchase used are refrigerators, gas range stoves, freezers, washing machines, and dryers. These are often the first appliances to be sold during a home remodel or an upcoming move, even if they are still in fantastic condition. As a plus, consumers might be entitled to the retailer’s personal warranty or what’s left of the machine’s active contract.


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