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The Top 3 Most Common HVAC Problems October 5, 2017

Denver, Denver
The Top 3 Most Common HVAC Problems , Denver, Colorado

A functioning heating and cooling system is often your home's one reprieve from the devastating heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. Yet, its value often goes unnoticed until a malfunction occurs. The heavy use that our HVAC systems undergo can result in a host of problems, but fortunately, many of the most common issues can be avoided by taking a few preventative steps.

3 Common HVAC Problems & How You Can Prevent Them

1. Reduced Air Flow

Reduced air flow is a very common HVAC problem, but luckily, it's fairly easy to fix and even easier to avoid. In most cases, the air blockage is a result of a clogged filter and can be rectified in under five minutes by simply replacing it with a new one. You can avoid this issue altogether by replacing your filter at least every three months and checking it once a month to ensure that it's not clogged.

2. Running Too Often or Not Enough

HVACAnother common HVAC complaint is a struggle to find the right temperature, which is usually associated with heating and cooling units that either turn on too often or not often enough. The main culprit with this issue is your home's thermostat. Usually, it simply needs a professional recalibration, but in some cases, a complete replacement may be necessary. A thorough thermostat inspection is part of your routine tuneup and inspection appointments, so you can help prevent this issue by staying on top of your maintenance schedule.

3. Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Struggling to maintain the same temperature across all the rooms is also an issue frequently seen by HVAC specialists. Inconsistent room temperatures usually occur as a result of leaking ducts, but this problem can be hard to diagnose by the homeowner themselves until it becomes serious. Scheduling yearly duct inspections will help find potential seal issues before they become full-blown, money draining problems.


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