Exeter, New Hampshire

Save Up to $500 on a High-Efficiency Heating SystemExeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Valid from September 11, 2017 to November 3, 2017
Save Up to $500 on a High-Efficiency Heating System, Exeter, New Hampshire

As the temperatures drop each day and the sun goes down sooner, you’re probably thinking of those chilly nights to come. Now’s the time to start thinking about getting your house ready for winter with a new high-efficiency heating system from Mitsubishi Electric®. Thanks to a rebate of up to $500 from Key Heating & Air Conditioning in Exeter, NH, you can save money while making sure your family is warm and toasty this winter.

Save Up to $500 on a New Mitsubishi Electric System

high-efficiency heating systemReduce your energy bills this season with a high-efficiency heating system from Mitsubishi Electric. These impressive SEER optimized systems are ductless, which helps reduce heat loss while the air moves from room to room. These high-performing systems are perfect for cold climates and have a small carbon footprint, so you can enjoy turning up the thermostat at home without worrying about negatively affecting the environment. Since these systems are ductless, they’re also more compact, which means a faster install and more location options in your home for optimal heat output.

Take Advantage of This Timely Offer

Call Key Heating & Air Conditioning at (630) 436-8811 to discuss available Mitsubishi Electric high-efficiency heating systems that will work for your home. You can also learn more about the team’s services online. Don’t forget to ask about qualifying for multiple rebates with prior approval when purchasing several systems for your home. The rebate of up to $500 is only available from September 11, 2017, through November 3, 2017, so take advantage of this offer today.

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