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How Does a Diesel Engine Work? October 10, 2017

Wheatland, Monroe
How Does a Diesel Engine Work?, Wheatland, New York

Diesel engines are known for their efficiency and power, but how exactly do they work? For such a commonly used product, general public knowledge of their internal processes is limited. Even if you don't drive a diesel-powered vehicle, it can be valuable to understand the main components of the system and the basic operational procedures that take place. To help, the easy-to-read guide below explains all these areas in detail.

Understanding How Diesel Engines Work

Components of a Diesel Engine

To understand how a diesel engine works, you need to first learn about its various components. The main unit is the cylinder, which is where the energy is created and harnessed for the vehicle, and most engines are accompanied by multiple cylinders. Inside the cylinder is a metal piece called a piston which moves up and down throughout the process. There are also a few different valves attached to the cylinder that serve a variety of purposes, including air intake, fuel injection, and more. All the components work together to power the vehicle.

Internal Operations of a Diesel Engine

How Does a Diesel Engine Work? | Jack's Repair and Road Service in Scottsville, NYDiesel engines work like gas engines. The only difference is that these models use a more streamlined process that can be broken down into four sections: intake, compression, power, and exhaust. During intake, the cylinder pulls in air while the piston moves out of the chamber to allow the most amount of air in as possible. Once the cylinder has maxed out its air intake, the valves are shut and the compression process begins.

During compression, the piston starts to push up to increase the pressure within the cylinder. As the pressure rises, the fuel injector sprays out diesel fluids into the chamber, which causes a small, secure explosion. This combustion creates enough power to thrust the piston out of the chamber, and the force of this movement creates a surge of energy that is transferred to the crankshaft to power the movement of the wheels.

After the power is created, the exhaust valve on the unit is opened, and the piston reenters the chamber to expel the remaining gas and fumes from inside the cylinder. From here, the fumes and excess gases are released safely through the system, and the process begins again.


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