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3 Tips for Packing Storage Units Effectively October 11, 2017

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3 Tips for Packing Storage Units Effectively, San Marcos, Texas

Storage units are ideal for freeing up space in your home by keeping all of the things you don’t use regularly in one convenient location. If you’re considering putting some of your belongings in storage, there are a few tips you can follow to maximize your space. No matter its size, the same general set of rules can be applied to all units for maximum convenience.

How to Organize Your Storage Unit

1. Arrange Based on Frequency of Use

You’ll likely need to access certain items in your unit more frequently than others. If you have to swap out seasonal decorations, recreational and sports equipment, and clothing at least a few times each year, make sure these items are located toward the front of your unit where they’ll be easiest to access. Items you use less frequently can be stored in the back.

2. Stack Heavy to Light

storage unitsHeavier objects, such as pieces of furniture, should be placed on the floor. You can then stack lighter and more delicate items on top. Storage tubs and large, heavy boxes can also be used as “bases” as long as their contents aren’t fragile. Just avoid stacking items to the point at which they’re at risk of falling over.

3. Keep a Pathway Open

Resist the urge to pack every square inch of your storage unit. Leaving an unobstructed pathway will make it much easier when you need to find a specific item. If you can’t make ample space to walk, consider going up a size. This is also recommended to avoid injury, as trying to dig around a jam-packed unit could become dangerous if you’ve stacked heavy objects too high.


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