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You Can Choose Both Cremation & a Memorial in Your Funeral Planning October 12, 2017

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You Can Choose Both Cremation & a Memorial in Your Funeral Planning, Cincinnati, Ohio


Funeral planning is a somber and contemplative activity that often requires deep introspection before you decide what final preparations you want. For many people, cremation is their preference but they fear they will not be able to have a service or visitation. This is simply not true. One can be cremated and yet still have both a funeral service and visitation, so loved ones can pay their last respects and say goodbye.

If you choose to have a cremation without a service, direct cremation is the right choice. In a direct cremation, there is no embalming, no visitation, and, in most cases, not even a casket. Because there is no embalming, funeral service, or casket, direct cremation is extremely affordable.

Funeral planningFor those who want a funeral service or visitation before cremation, that choice is certainly available. This disposition method requires embalming before the departed can be presented, so some preparation time and a presentation casket are required. However, some funeral planning clients are reluctant to purchase a fancy or expensive casket that will soon be cremated, so most funeral homes provide another option.

You can normally rent a casket for use during the ceremony and visitation. This is often a more cost-effective option. Cremation then typically takes place within an inexpensive, unadorned, wooden box. Alternatively, you can choose a "green container," which is a fully combustible casket made of natural materials like wicker, wood, bamboo, or even cotton and wool.


If you need respectful, compassionate advice about funeral planning, the professionals at Neidhard Minges Funeral Homes in Cincinnati, OH, can explain your options and help you decide what disposition method suits you best. Visit their website to view directions, or call (513) 661-3022 to discuss your options with a dignified professional.

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