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Who Is Responsible for Staging When Selling a Home? October 5, 2017

Kannapolis, Cabarrus
Who Is Responsible for Staging When Selling a Home?, Kannapolis, North Carolina

When you’re selling a home, staging is an important step in the process. It’s a real estate strategy used to show prospective buyers a space’s potential; plus, setting up a home with beautiful furniture and décor makes it more attractive. Good staging includes everything from perfectly arranging the furniture to making repairs and setting out good-smelling candles. There’s a lot involved, and before you move forward with selling your house, you should know whether or not you need to start staging.

A Homeowner’s Responsibility

selling a houseIn most cases, it’s the seller’s job to stage the space in preparation for house tours. The homeowner can choose to use their own furniture, clean up the clutter, and make minor adjustments, or they can invest in new décor. Many homeowners choose to put their own furniture in storage while they’re selling a home and rent luxurious-looking pieces for staging purposes. Besides furniture and other small details, staging can also mean repainting, changing the carpet, and updating outdoor landscaping. 

A Real Estate Agent to the Rescue

Properly staging a home is an investment that usually leads to a faster sale at a higher list price, but not every homeowner has the time and extra income to take on that responsibility. In these cases, a good real estate agent will pick up the slack. The best agents will offer advice about what kind of staging works best and work with the seller to make the space look as attractive as possible. They have an arsenal of little tricks, like bringing fresh-baked cookies to the open house or strategically placing vases of fresh flowers, and they don’t hesitate to share their secrets with clients.

The key to good real estate staging is all in the details. It’s about knowing what buyers in your area are looking for and exceeding expectations. If you’re selling a home and want to do it fast, start by talking with an experienced real estate agent.


Amber Lube, Keller Williams Realty Concord/Kannapolis is a local North Carolina real estate agency with the knowledge and experience to reach the right buyers. They specialize in staging and work hard to sell each house as an individual home. Contact Leaurel at leaurellube@gmail.com or (704) 467-0685 and Amber at amberlube@gmail.com or (704) 577-5966. You’ll also learn more about selling a home on their website.

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