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3 Tips for Matching Your Home Remodeling Dream to the Reality of Your Budget October 12, 2017

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3 Tips for Matching Your Home Remodeling Dream to the Reality of Your Budget, Webster, New York


Home remodeling is your opportunity to fix everything that’s wrong with your space. You can update the old fixtures and rework the kitchen layout, but the nagging thought of your budget is always threatening to ruin your dream. While cost will always be an important factor, Arrow Kitchens & Bath in Webster, NY, works with clients to match their budgets to their home remodeling visions. You’ll have to crunch some numbers and work closely with your contractor, but these tips will simplify the process.

3 Home Remodeling Tips to Stay on Budget

1. Fix the Faults

Once you’ve found the right home remodeling contractor, go through your home and make a list of all the things that bother you. This list should only include functional problems that affect your lifestyle. A bathroom that’s too small and dark areas due to a lack of natural light are acceptable examples. These are the things you’ll most regret not fixing when you have the chance.

2. Prioritize

home remodelingWhen you’re finished with the faults, make a separate list of everything else you’d like to change. Feel free to open this list up to all the luxurious and impractical things you’ve always wanted. You don’t necessarily need a bathroom wet room complete with jetted tub and waterfall showerhead, but you want one. Prioritize the list by what you want most and put it side by side with your list of problems that need to be solved.

3. Stay Honest

You need to be honest with both yourself and your contractor. Don’t make yourself promises you know you can’t keep in exchange for splurging on something lower down on your priority list. Telling yourself you’ll stop buying coffee or work more overtime to pay for the extra expense never works. At the same time, be open and honest with your contractor about what you’re comfortable with. A good contractor won’t pressure you into going over budget, but it’s still up to you to set the boundaries.

When the construction crew is cleaned up, and you’re free to enjoy your finished space, you should be completely satisfied with the results and comfortable with what you paid. If you’re not sure how to balance a budget with home remodeling, choose a contractor you know you can trust. Talk to Arrow Kitchens & Bath by calling (585) 670-9910. They specialize in cabinets, granite countertops, and everything else you need to be happy in your home. Visit their website for more information.

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