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What Is Asphalt Sealer & Why Should You Use It on Your Surfaces? October 4, 2017

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What Is Asphalt Sealer & Why Should You Use It on Your Surfaces?, Hamilton, Ohio

Most people don’t think twice about their asphalt driveway or parking lot until a problem arises. Rather than waiting for cracks and potholes to develop, however, being proactive is the best way to prevent damage from the elements. By applying an asphalt sealer as a protective barrier, you’ll keep the surface looking pristine and save money by avoiding major repairs later on.

What Is an Asphalt Sealer?

Seal coatings are commonly made of refined coal tar, as this material is not affected by harsh weather. Sealant is not meant to be a filler or leveling material for asphalt that was poorly installed. It is only as effective as the base that was poured beneath it. Only perfectly level asphalt should receive a coating; otherwise, it will magnify cracks or imperfections that already exist. 

What Benefits You Stand to Gain

asphalt sealerAsphalt sealer protects surfaces from the deteriorating effects of sun and water. Over time, as asphalt is exposed to harsh elements, it becomes more brittle and prone to cracks. By using a sealant, the asphalt will remain more flexible when exposed to traffic changes and weather shifts.

Asphalt sealer also creates more traction on the roads. Over time, traffic and weather wear down the surface, making it less gritty and more smooth. As a result, cars have difficulty stopping quickly. Using a sealant ensures the texture remains the same, creating a much safer surface. 


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