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How to Find Relief When Living With Bulging Disk Pain October 9, 2017

Dardenne Prairie, St. Charles
How to Find Relief When Living With Bulging Disk Pain, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

If you experience pinched nerves, persistent back pain, and muscle weakness or cramping, you may have a bulging disk. This condition occurs when the soft center of a spinal disk has pushed through its protective casing. Living with this condition can be difficult because of its potentially debilitating symptoms. The chronic discomfort can interfere with work and recreation. The following guide explains what causes this condition and how you can treat it.

What You Need to Know About Bulging Disks  

Causes & Symptoms 

bulging disk O'Fallon MOBulging disks occur due to trauma, heavy lifting, athletic injuries, and repetitive motion injuries. They may also occur in people with a family history of the condition.

In addition to chronic pain, you may also experience numbness and tingling in the limbs. These symptoms can make it difficult to complete tasks at work, home, or school. 

The location of your discomfort depends on where the bulging disk is located. Herniation in the upper part of your back usually results in cramps in your cervical spine, arms, or neck. Some people may also experience chest pain. A bulge in the lumbar area is typically accompanied by lower back pain. 

How to Find Relief 

Although bulging disks are uncomfortable, they are treatable. Pain management specialists including chiropractors and physical therapists can work together to heal a herniation, addressing both your current pain and the underlying cause. In many cases, you can find relief from bulging disk pain without surgical intervention. Combining physical therapy, chiropractic care, and a carefully monitored pain medication regimen often results in an effective treatment.


Whether you recently noticed symptoms or have been in pain for years, bulging disk pain is treatable. O'Fallon Pain Relief Associates in St. Charles County, MO, knows how debilitating a herniation can be, which is why they provide the most comprehensive pain management and rehabilitation solutions. To make an appointment for bulging disk treatment, call (636) 978-3000. Visit their website or follow them on Facebook for information about their services for a variety of other issues, including neck and back pain.

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