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Top Electrical Contractor Explains Why Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping October 9, 2017

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Top Electrical Contractor Explains Why Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping, West Adams, Colorado

While a circuit breaker that keeps tripping can be inconvenient and annoying, it does mean that the safety mechanism designed to keep you and your appliances safe is working. According to a leading electrical contractor, there are several possible reasons why a circuit breaker may frequently trip.

Here are a few potential causes of a tripped circuit breaker:

  • Short Circuit: A short circuit occurs when a hot wire touches a neutral wire or another hot wire. When this happens, an unusually large amount of current flow occurs, overwhelming the circuit and causing the fuse to blow or the circuit breaker to trip. Short circuits are dangerous, as they could cause fires due to the high temperatures involved. Unless you are a qualified home electrician yourself, leave the job to professionals.

  • Ground Fault: A ground fault can also cause your circuit breaker to trip frequently. This happens when a hot wire touches a ground wire, causing a high current flow. Just as with a short circuit, the circuit breaker trips to protect the rest of the electrical system. And as with most other electrical issues, this problem should be handled by an experienced electrical contractor.

  • electrical contractorCircuit Overload: Circuit overload is probably the most common cause of tripping. You may be running too many electrical devices simultaneously, and their combined amperage is greater than what the circuit can handle. A simple solution is to switch off devices that you don’t need at the moment. But if you need them all running, another circuit may be required to redistribute the load. Have an electrician inspect your system, and get additional electrical wiring work done to accommodate all of your devices if necessary.


It is common for households to gradually accumulate power-hungry electrical appliances. When the time comes to upgrade the electrical wiring in your home, get in touch with Neighborhood Electric Service Co., an electrical contractor based in Denver, CO. They are ready to serve with their 24-hour emergency response service. Give them a call at (303) 955-0366, or visit their website for more information.

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