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5 Nonemergency Medical Situations When a Local Cab Service Can Help October 10, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
5 Nonemergency Medical Situations When a Local Cab Service Can Help, Manhattan, New York

Medical care is essential for living your healthiest and most comfortable life. But if you're sick, injured, or suffering from a chronic health condition, it might be hard to get to your medical care facility and back home. Riverside Car & Limo in New York, NY, offers all-day cab service that will get you to your appointments and anywhere else you need to go. Their fleet includes everything from four-door sedans to limos and vans. With their reliable and affordable transportation, you'll have access to the nonemergency medical resources you need.

3 Ways to Use a Cab Service for Nonemergency Health Care

Get to Appointments

After you schedule a meeting with your physician or therapist, you easily can arrange transportation to their office. Just turn on Riverside Car & Limo's mobile app and select the transportation option you prefer. Scheduling a ride in advance is particularly helpful for patients with long-term conditions who require regular care.

Visit Health Care Professionals

Cab serviceIf you come down with a case of the flu or break your eyeglasses, you need professional help quickly but could struggle to get to a clinic. No reservation? No problem. Call for cab service at any time for a ride to your physician or eye doctor. Riverside Car & Limo's local taxi service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

Pick up Medication

If you’re running low on critical prescription medication, don’t worry about getting to the pharmacy to pick it up. Riverside Car & Limo is happy to provide reliable transportation to help you safeguard your health.

Get Home From the Hospital

If your medical procedure is finished but you aren't sure how to get home, Riverside Car & Limo will step in. Call them to schedule a pickup after your treatment so you can get home safely without a hassle.

Schedule With Medicaid

If you rely on Medicaid for nonemergency medical transportation, you still can ride with Riverside Car & Limo's New York car service. When you make your reservation through Medicaid, just request Riverside Radio Dispatch as your preferred provider for transportation services — they will handle the rest.

Don’t let a lack of transportation options prevent you from getting essential care. Riverside Car & Limo's cab service is the perfect solution for anyone who needs nonemergency medical transportation. To schedule a ride, use their mobile app, contact them online, or call (212) 923-1111. Follow them on Twitter for more tips and updates from the New York car service.

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