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What Do I Need in My PC Support Toolbox? October 10, 2017

Jessup, Anne Arundel
What Do I Need in My PC Support Toolbox?, Jessup, Maryland

Among other things, computers were developed to make life easier. And for the most part, they do—but there will always be those days when they seem to do the exact opposite. When tech mishaps occur in your office, it’s important to be prepared.

Laser Line, a print management center located in Jessup, MD, recommends including the following in your PC support toolbox for solving and preventing computer issues:

  • Virus & Malware Scanners: Numerous comparable software scanners are available on the market. Most of them include schedulers, which you can set to automatically scan your system at a pre-set interval. Always install and configure a virus scanner when you’re introducing a new device to your network.
  • Repair/Rescue Disks: Whether it’s because of a virus, hard drive damage, or the power went out during an update, sometimes computers don’t boot. The best way to begin troubleshooting these issues is to boot up your system using a rescue disk. Rescue disks can take the form of a CD-ROM or a USB drive.
  • pc supportRe-Installation Disks: In the event you need to completely re-install your operating system, have a recovery disk handy for every operating system your office uses. Sometimes, these double as rescue disks.
  • Phillips Screwdrivers: Your PC support toolbox should also include physical tools—especially screwdrivers. These will make life a lot easier for you if you need to get inside a laptop or other device.
  • Grounding Bracelet: Speaking of opening up computers, remember to wear an anti-static bracelet before unscrewing any part of an electronic device. Just attach the clip to something grounded, wear the bracelet, and you’ll avoid generating potentially harmful static electricity.

For more PC support advice, get in touch with Laser Line by calling (410) 636-1700. They’ve supplied local businesses with printing supplies, maintenance, management services, and more since 1989. Details about their services are available on their website.

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