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Why Should I Only Hire a Court Reporting Company That Backs Up Their Data? October 9, 2017

Wallingford, New Haven County
Why Should I Only Hire a Court Reporting Company That Backs Up Their Data?, Wallingford, Connecticut

No technology is foolproof, and this is exactly why court stenographers remain in business despite the many advancements of the digital age. A stenographer’s purpose is to convert the spoken word to text so it can be referenced and reviewed at a later date as needed. However, if these written records are ever lost, there can be radical legal consequences. Unfortunately, records and digital files disappear all the time. That is why you should always hire a court reporting company that relies on multiple redundant methods to back up their files.

Redundant Backup Methods

court reportingIf you cannot trust a machine to transcribe a deposition, how can you trust it to protect a single digital file? Although hard copies are helpful when reviewing various records, they do not count as valid backups. A reliable court recorder will make it a point to back up all data on multiple drives and in different digital formats to ensure nothing ever goes missing.

Importance of Maintaining Data

Depending on the content of the transcription, losing data could have serious implications. If you are an attorney and you want to ensure your clients have every possible chance of securing a successful outcome to their case, it is essential to retain all evidence gathered during the proceedings. This includes transcriptions, which means it is also essential to hire a court reporting company that can guarantee they will never lose your data.


If you need transcription services in Wallingford, CT, A Plus Reporting Services offers an array of tasks, from shorthand to video depositions, and they always back up their data, so you know your valuable information is protected. They also provide clients with 24-hour access to an online repository, including transcripts and exhibits, for your convenience. To discuss your court reporting needs, contact them via their website, or call (203) 269-9976 to speak with a representative today.

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