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3 Key Features of Rolling Steel Doors Explained October 10, 2017

Williamsport, Lycoming
3 Key Features of Rolling Steel Doors Explained, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

From business supplies to commercial merchandise, business owners store many valuable items in garages. To keep assets safe, the door that guards these items is important. For easy access to garages, loading docks, and other service areas, many business owners opt for rolling steel doors. To help determine whether the garage door is the best solution for your needs, below is an overview of a few key features. 

Top Three Features of Rolling Steel Doors

1. Expansive Clearance Space

The doors are designed to accommodate the dimensions of service vehicles. For easy access, and to avoid vehicle damage, many smaller models offer vehicle clearance space of 16 ft. x 16 ft. To meet the needs of areas with heavy  demands and constant traffic, larger doors offer upwards of 30 ft. x 28 ft. of clearance space.   

2. Secure Locking Mechanism

To protect the garage from intruders, these doors feature a Williamsport-Pennsylvania-rolling-steel-doorsmulti-prong locking system. For easy handling, slide bolts on the interior door secure push-up locks in place. Padlocks can be placed on the hoist’s chain for additional security. You can feel confident that your items are safe from prospective intruders.

3. Durable Curtain Materials

Rolling steel doors use galvanized steel curtains. Featuring 16 to 24 gauges, the material is designed to withstand high winds and additional impact unscathed. They’re durable enough to withstand years of frequent use and strong enough to deter break-in attempts. 


Whether you need rolling steel doors for easy accessibility to industrial spaces, wooden models to increase the curb appeal of your Pennsylvania home, or additional door solutions, the professionals at Overhead Door Co. of Lycoming County, based in Williamsport, have a wide range of high-quality options to fit your individual needs. As a division of Schrader Architectural Products, the company is the No. 1 source for residential and commercial overhead doors. To learn more about the inventory, and get maintenance tips to protect your investment, call The Genuine, the Original Overhead Door Company at (570) 326-4749 today. Visit them online to browse their selection, and like them on Facebook for product updates. 

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