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Well Services Experts Share 3 Vital Facts About Submersible Pumps October 10, 2017

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Well Services Experts Share 3 Vital Facts About Submersible Pumps, Tylersburg, Pennsylvania

If you live in an area that’s not connected to a municipal water system, you might use a submersible pump to provide your household with water for drinking, cooking, and sanitary needs. To avoid problems with this vital equipment, it helps to know basic information about it. With a little knowledge, you’ll care for your pump correctly and prevent the inconvenience of a breakdown.

3 Essential Facts About Submersible Pumps 

Discharge Rate Matters

Your pump’s discharge rate dictates how fast water flows into your home, so you must know the velocity and your consumption. If your pump’s discharge rate is too low, it will slow the delivery of water to your house. To prevent delays, ask a technician to evaluate your submersible pump’s discharge rate and the resulting water flow.

They Need MaintenanceSubmersible pump

Submersible pumps are reliable, but their components will wear out over time, which makes regular maintenance critical. A pump services technician will inspect your equipment for limescale accumulation, rust, loose moving parts, and damaged lines. They will replace ineffective components to keep your system running smoothly.

Even the Best One Can Fail

Although it’s unlikely, a pump can break down even with proper care because the equipment operates frequently. To prevent a sudden water stoppage, learn the signs of a failing pump, such as excessive noise, sputtering faucets, discolored water, and a sharp increase in your electricity bill. Contact a professional as soon as you notice trouble to avoid an emergency.


If you need maintenance or repairs for your submersible pump, contact Frederick Drilling Co. & Sons in Tylersburg, PA. They have been helping home and business owners in Clarion County with water well drilling and pump installation and maintenance for more than 36 years. Visit their website for information about their services and call (814) 744-8581 to request an estimate.

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