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FAQs About Bringing Your Dog to the Animal Clinic October 11, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan
FAQs About Bringing Your Dog to the Animal Clinic, Manhattan, New York

Being a pet owner isn’t always easy: Some require more care and special attention than others, which is why it’s important to regularly visit the animal clinic to ensure their needs are met. Pet Fashion and Grooming in New York, NY, understands pet owners often have questions about caring for their canines. Here, they answer a few common queries about bringing dogs to the animal clinic.

FAQs About Bringing Your Pooch to the Animal Clinic 

1. Do I Really Need to Bring My Dog for an Annual Exam? 

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to visiting the animal clinic is: If my pup’s healthy, is it really necessary to bring them to the clinic each year for a checkup? The answer is yes. Annual checkups are necessary even for the healthiest pets to catch any problems that might not be so obvious. Dogs often suffer from eye, nose, ear, or internal ailments that may not be easy to see unless you’re an expert, so visiting the vet once a year is a must. 

2. How Often Should I Visit the Animal Clinic with My Dog? 

The frequency at which you should visit the vet will depend upon a variety of factors, the first being age. Those with puppies should go to the animal clinic every few months or so to ensure their pet remains free of heartworm and is maintaining a healthy diet. Adults should visit the clinic at least once or twice a year, depending upon the amount of exercise they receive. Older dogs, or ones with special health requirements, need to go more frequently to ensure they receive the care they need; every few months is a good rule of thumb. 

3. How Do I Know When My Pet’s Sick? 

animal clinicDetermining when your pooch isn’t feeling well can be tough, but knowing a few of the warning signs is always helpful. When dogs are experiencing pain or discomfort, their eating habits often change, and they may seem less active than before. In some cases, your pet may also have trouble going to the bathroom or be less social; these are all signs there’s a larger issue at play that needs to be addressed by a professional. 

4. What Should I Do in an Emergency? 

When you’ve got an emergency on your hands, it’s important to contact your veterinarian or bring your pet to a clinic ASAP. However, not all facilities are equipped to offer emergency services and after-hours care, so contacting yours beforehand is always a good idea. Even if the clinic you’re familiar with isn’t open, they’ll likely have a recording detailing what to do if you’re having an emergency, as well as who to contact. 

By regularly visiting your local animal clinic, you can ensure your four-legged friend is happy and healthy. To schedule a wellness check or dog grooming visit, contact the professionals from Pet Fashion and Grooming today at (347) 726-9409. Visit them online for a closer look at their pet sitting services. 

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