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4 Ways Grief Counseling Can Help After Losing a Loved One October 3, 2017

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
4 Ways Grief Counseling Can Help After Losing a Loved One, Juneau, Alaska

Whether it’s a parent, child, or your spouse, the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, making it seem almost impossible to engage with your life in a meaningful way. While grieving is an individual process and everyone handles it differently, a licensed professional can provide invaluable support and the tools you need to navigate this incredibly difficult experience. Below are just a few of the reasons those who have experienced a painful loss should consider grief counseling.

4 Ways Grief Counseling Can Help

1. Finding Your Way Through Loss

Sometimes, your own loss can make it difficult to handle even the most basic tasks of your life. Through grief counseling, you can gain the strategies you need to cope with those areas of your life that have become harder and find solace and comfort in happy memories without being overwhelmed with sadness.

2. Dealing With Depression

grief counseling​​​​​​​Feelings of depression after a loss are often normal, but symptoms that persist for an extended time may require the services of a skilled therapist. Grief counselors have extensive experience helping grieving survivors navigate their depression, providing tools and strategies to help you move toward finding meaning in your life again.

​​​​​​​3. Treating PTSD

Those who have lost loved ones in sudden accidents, to suicide, or through violence often develop post-traumatic stress disorder, with flashbacks and sudden panic attacks. PTSD can dramatically reduce the quality of your life and may grow worse over time if left untreated.

​​​​​​​4. Reducing Anxiety & Stress

Re-adjusting to life after the loss of a loved one can be extremely stressful, resulting in physical symptoms and chronic anxiety. Grief counseling can help you learn to deal with this stress, providing outlets for your feelings and helping you accept the loss.


Sondra Sexton-Jones is a licensed therapist with more than a quarter century of experience helping people throughout Juneau, AK, deal with the consequences of a sudden loss. She knows from firsthand experience what survivors are going through, and has the background and caring approach to provide the vital support you need. Learn more about her grief counseling services online, or call (907) 586-3313 to make an appointment today.

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