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3 Reasons Every Small Business Should Hire a CPA October 6, 2017

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3 Reasons Every Small Business Should Hire a CPA, Texarkana, Texas

When it comes to a small business's accounting needs, the help a CPA provides is truly priceless. From preparing financial reports to assisting in tax planning and preparation, the financial life of your small business is in capable hands when you enlist a CPA's services. Below are three reasons to hire one for your small business finances. 

3 Reasons to Hire a CPA

1. Get Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis

CPAs can provide financial reporting tools that give you a thorough analysis of how your small business finances are operating. Profit and loss statements and balance sheets are just the beginning; a CPA provides a deep understanding of your business finances, which will assist you in making sounder financial decisions and smarter plans for the future.

2. Gain the Protection of a Tax ProfessionalCPA

A CPA knows tax laws, and they know how these laws can be utilized to protect your business and interests. Professional tax preparation and planning should be part of any small business operation, and someone well-versed in the U.S. tax code is a valuable asset. While proper tax preparation is essential, so too is efficient tax planning throughout the year and the lifespan of your business. Without a CPA, you could make costly tax mistakes or end up on the wrong end of an IRS audit. 

3. Preserve Your Precious Time

If you are tackling your small business's financial needs yourself, you likely don't have the time to oversee your accounting and the daily demands of running a commercial establishment. Trying to do it all only means that you won’t be doing anything well.  A CPA frees up your time and gives you precious extra hours in the day and confidence that your business finances are in a healthy state. 


Erie & Associates, P.C., is a CPA team serving the Texarkana, Texas, region. They’ve been providing financial guidance to individuals and businesses for more than 30 years. Call (903) 792-6651 or visit them online to learn more about any of their services. You can also follow them on Facebook for helpful advice and information. Let a trusted CPA help your small business soar; call Erie & Associates today.

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