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3 Reasons to Explore Cosmetic Dentistry October 10, 2017

East Side, Manchester
3 Reasons to Explore Cosmetic Dentistry, Manchester, Connecticut

Your smile affects both your oral health and your self-confidence. While stains, chips, or missing teeth can detract from your grin, a number of cosmetic dentistry solutions are available. Dr. Tris J. Carta says regardless of what you’re experiencing, there’s a procedure to address the situation. Below, the Manchester, CT, dentist explains more about the advantages of cosmetic dentistry.

3 Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

1. Brightening Your Smile

Over time, your teeth can become stained, whether from poor dental care or from what you eat. This affects your smile and can lead to tooth decay. Luckily, there are several short- and long-term cosmetic dentistry options. Regular teeth whitening treatments remove any immediate stains, while veneers, which are fixed to your teeth, provide a more permanent solution.

2. Fixing Gaps

cosmetic dentistryIf you have gaps or missing teeth, you may be uncomfortable showing your smile. A major focus of cosmetic dentistry is fixing these areas, and there are a number of solutions available. For smaller gaps, basic dental bonding can close up these areas. For more extensive spaces, a bridge can be used, and in cases of missing teeth, dental implants are an option. These long-term fixes have many advantages and can repair any trauma you’ve experienced.

3. Preventing Future Problems

Even the smallest chip or break in a tooth can lead to extensive decay in the future. These areas can’t always be fixed with a filling. For a simple fix, a dentist can use cosmetic dentistry techniques to seal these areas. This will keep the sensitive interior of your tooth safe from bacteria and limit any short-term damage.

If you’re interested in exploring the advantages of cosmetic dentistry, turn to Dr. Tris J. Carta. His office provides everything from teeth whitening to dentures, and he is dedicated to ensuring patients maintain healthy smiles. Call (860) 646-2251 or visit his website today to schedule an appointment, and like the practice on Facebook for more tips and updates.

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