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How Drywall Repairs Can Increase Property Value October 12, 2017

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How Drywall Repairs Can Increase Property Value, Ewa, Hawaii

Your home is one of your biggest investments, so it makes sense to take steps that increase its value. One way to improve its marketability among potential buyers is to get essential drywall repairs. With time and use, walls can experience structural and cosmetic issues, bringing down the market demand for your property. Below, experts share two important ways in which these repairs can boost your home’s worth.

How Drywall Repairs Boost Property Value

Fix Damage From Structural Issues

The electric and plumbing connections running through your home’s walls can encounter maintenance issues over time. In particular, broken water lines can lead to moisture in the walls, resulting in watermarks and mold infestations. Widespread damage is enough to lower your property’s market demand and value.

Drywall RepairsAdditionally, a faulty electrical wiring system isn’t just a safety hazard — it can also leave behind unsightly burn marks on the walls. Once the underlying problem is fixed, it’s time to get in touch with a local contractor to get timely drywall repairs and fix the structural issues plaguing your walls.

Cosmetic Improvement

Paint dents and wall scratches are normal wear and tear issues every home encounters at some point. Scuff marks from heavy furniture, cracks from hammering nails, and the leftover impact from wallpaper and tile removal are some examples of cosmetic problems.

While these issues seem minor on the surface, they are enough to leave a negative impression in the buyers’ minds. The good news is they can easily be fixed with targeted restoration services. Contractors typically employ special wall putty to fill in the cracks and sand the surface to attain a perfectly smooth finish. They follow it up with a fresh coat of paint to lend the wall a polished look.


Give your home’s value a boost with the concrete restorations and drywall repairs from Mililani, HI’s C & B Quality Painting. Their experienced contractors have furnished Central Oahu residents with top-tier wall sealant and painting services for over 25 years. Learn more about their services by calling (808) 625-9411 or visit their website.

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