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Criminal Law Experts Explain Your Rights When Police Knock on Your Door October 5, 2017

Hartford, Hartford, CT
Criminal Law Experts Explain Your Rights When Police Knock on Your Door, Hartford, Connecticut

If police come to your home without a warrant, is it your responsibility to let them in? The skilled team at Weingast Law in Hartford, CT, answer this question and many others regarding criminal law to help clients understand their rights. The way you respond when officers knock on your door could be critical to the outcome of your case, and being aware of your legal responsibilities is the best way to mitigate potentially disastrous circumstances.

3 Criminal Law Facts About Police Visits

Police Can Enter Your Home Without a Warrant

While police must obtain a warrant to search your house, law enforcement personnel can come to your door without official notice. In this case, police are considered the same as any other citizen and can knock on your door and request access.

You Usually Aren’t Obligated to Let Them in or Speak to Them

Criminal lawIn most cases, you are not duty-bound to speak to police or grant them entry to your home if they arrive without a warrant. While lawyers caution against using abusive or combative behavior toward an officer in this situation, you have the right to deny their request to come into your house. However, there are exceptions predicated on probable cause and exigent circumstances.

Understanding Exigent Circumstances Is Crucial

While most people know the meaning of probable cause, the concept of exigent circumstances is slightly murkier. Police are privy to three kinds of urgent circumstances that allow them to enter a house without a warrant: assisting a person in the home who is believed to be in danger, attempting to apprehend a suspect who fled the scene of a crime, and preventing the destruction of evidence.

If you’re facing a legal issue and want to understand your rights or secure representation, contact the attorneys at Weingast Law in Hartford, CT. They will review your case and help you pursue justice. Visit them online for more information about their practice areas, including family law and personal injury cases. Call (860) 233-1440 to schedule a consultation and check their Facebook page for additional legal tips from the firm.

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