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3 Best Practices for Effective Termite Control October 5, 2017

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3 Best Practices for Effective Termite Control, Charlotte, North Carolina

The best termite control programs involve a combination of efforts from the homeowner and an elite exterminator. Located in Charlotte, NC, Killingsworth Environmental Home Services has earned a reputation as the area’s top pest control company. These professionals will not only help you defend your property against termites, but they’ll also educate you so you’re better equipped to protect it yourself. Here are three recommendations from the staff for superior termite control. 

Termite Control Tips for Homeowners

1. Target Loose Wood

termite controlAs a first and crucial step, go through your house and make an inventory of all wood and wood-related products. No loose wood material should ever be in direct contact with the ground, since that can build a bridge for termites. Moreover, any wood left lingering around will quickly gain moisture and create a termite feeding frenzy. Lumber should be carefully stored on racks outside the home. 

2. Address Structural Cracks

Termites often enter homes through little cracks in the siding, windows, and walls. By closely inspecting the exterior of your residence, you should be able to go around and fill in these gaps. If a crack is inaccessible, make sure to spray some insect repellant around the area to fight off any encroaching pests. 

3. Schedule Yearly Inspections

Even with the best precautions in place, there is always some chance your home may have a vulnerability you didn’t know about. When the professionals arrive, they can investigate every nook and cranny to detect even the most minute traces of termites. The sooner they’re discovered, the better, so they can be removed before an infestation develops. 

To fortify your home against termites, make sure you reach out to Killingsworth Environmental Home Services. You can speak to a knowledgeable staff member by calling (704) 563-8787. Learn more about the termite control company by visiting their website

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