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5 Signs of a Substance Use Disorder September 29, 2017

Artesia, Eddy
5 Signs of a Substance Use Disorder, Artesia, New Mexico

Where is the line between having a few drinks to relax after a long day and abusing alcohol? Substance use disorder (SUD) is a serious condition that greatly affects the user’s life and the lives of those around them. The first step to treating an SUD is recognizing that a problem exists. Below, a knowledgeable substance abuse professional from Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening in Artesia, NM, shares a few signs that you might have a substance abuse problem:

5 Warning Signs of an SUD From a Substance Abuse Professional

1. Secrecy or Guilt Regarding Your Use

Hiding substance use from friends and family members is a sign that you are doing something you feel guilty about. You may be ashamed because you cannot stop, or you may be afraid of what they would say if they found out the extent of the dependence. Drinking openly with friends but hiding how much you are consuming is also a sign of a budding problem.

2. A General Sense of Apathy

substance abuse professionalWhen you develop a dependence on a substance, it can quickly consume your life. People who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction no longer care about the things they were once most passionate about, and they lack the motivation to pursue their hobbies and interests. 

3. Intense Cravings for the Substance

As dependency develops into full-blown addiction, individuals experience powerful cravings for their substance of choice. This urge to use can override all other natural instincts and desires.  

4. Poor Judgment While Under the Influence

Drugs and alcohol lower your inhibitions, which can make you partake in risky behaviors while under the influence. This might include driving, having unsafe sex, selling drugs, stealing, or otherwise getting into a situation in which your health or safety is threatened. 

5. A Lack of Regard for Any Potential Consequences

Abusing substances eventually catches up to everyone. Those who simply do not care about the consequences of their actions and continue using despite the repercussions are on a slippery slope that will only end with treatment, prison time, or overdosing.

If you think you or someone you love may have an SUD, a substance abuse professional from Artesia Drug and Alcohol Screening might be able to help detect the issue. To learn more about their drug testing facilities in Artesia, NM, visit their website, or call (575) 746-3404.

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