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How Can a Chiropractor Help With Pregnancy Pain October 11, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan
How Can a Chiropractor Help With Pregnancy Pain, Manhattan, New York

While the joy of giving birth is unquestionable, pregnancy pain can really put a damper on a woman’s spirits. To this end, working with skilled and experienced chiropractor Joseph K. Askinasi, DC, DABCO, in Rye, NY, is a great way for pregnant women to achieve relief from common pregnancy pain and discomfort. Here’s how he can help.

3 Ways a Chiropractor Will Alleviate Pregnancy Pain

1. Eases Nausea/Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a real problem for many pregnant women. In fact, in some instances, it can persist throughout the duration of a pregnancy and render it nearly impossible to undertake day-to-day activities. Although there is currently no cure for the nausea associated with pregnancy, chiropractic treatments have been shown to reduce how often morning sickness occurs, as well as how severe it is. 

2. Decreases Back Pain

pregnancy painChiropractic care is also a good method for reducing back pain. Many women suffer from back pain throughout their pregnancies, and it can be difficult to address this issue with medication. Chiropractic treatments are a great drug-free way to mitigate the effects pregnancy can have regarding back pain, especially on one’s lower back.

3. Addresses Joint Pain

The right treatments can also afford relief for pregnancy-related joint pain. Problems with your joints will result in a whole range of issues, which is why treating the underlying cause is so important. Chiropractic treatments can help improve a joint’s range of movement, which can then increase mobility and ease discomfort.

If you’re in search of a trusted and caring chiropractor who puts an emphasis on holistic healing methods, Joseph K. Askinasi, DC, DABCO, will work with you to improve your overall health. Learn more about what to expect on your first visit by checking out the website today. You can also call (914) 481-4692 to schedule an appointment in Rye.

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