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3 Tips for Talking to Your Mom About Senior Assisted Living September 29, 2017

White Plains, Westchester
3 Tips for Talking to Your Mom About Senior Assisted Living, White Plains, New York

Senior assisted living is a sensitive subject for many aging parents. Convincing an elderly mother may be particularly difficult if she has been the main caregiver for the family her whole life. The assisted living advisors at CarePatrol of New York in White Plains, NY, understand the challenges many children face helping parents accept their limitations and transitioning to in-home care or assisted living facilities. They offer these three tips for having a positive open discussion with your elderly mother to find the best assistance for her needs:

Take a Gentle Approach 

Many adults value the benefits of independent living. As we age, we better understand ourselves, our needs, and our routine and become more frazzled if those needs change or our routine gets interrupted. That’s why it’s important to discuss senior assisted living with a broad scope in mind. Approach the subject by talking about a friend you know whose mom may be enjoying an assisted living placement or can do more now that she is receiving in-home care. By bringing up the subject matter as a discussion topic rather than a made decision, you lovingly plant a seed that can grow into understanding and acceptance.

senior assisted livingHighlight the Benefits

As we get older, it becomes more challenging to do household chores and make new friends. Senior assisted living facilities help ease the burden of troublesome daily tasks and open avenues for aging parents to make connections with new people. If you have a divorced or widowed mom, for example, finding an assisted living placement may give her the opportunity to meet someone new. This helps her look at elderly care facilities as a place where she can find new opportunities, rather than limit her lifestyle.

Use Specific Examples

If you try to convince your mother to consider senior assisted living, she may ask for an explanation. Rather than using your own anecdotes or subjective opinions about her future needs, try to cite real examples that may help her reach a moment of realization. For example, has she forgotten something important recently that had a major impact on your lives or did she have an accident where she got injured? By providing real examples that highlight where elderly care would be beneficial, she may be more willing to look at her options.

Senior assisted living is a big decision for both the mother and the child. Both have to be ready and willing to take that next step in their lives. Companies like CarePatrol of New York know that elderly care is not a one-size-fits-all program and that certain seniors will enjoy assisted living facilities while others may benefit from in-home care. To find the best options for your aging mother, call (914) 357-8084 or visit them online.

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