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3 Signs It's Time for a Senior to Consider Assisted Living Accommodation October 3, 2017

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3 Signs It's Time for a Senior to Consider Assisted Living Accommodation, Freedom, Wisconsin

Transitioning to assisted living can be challenging for many senior citizens because they see it as a loss of independence. But as they age, there might be signs it’s time to change their accommodations to keep them safe and make daily tasks easier. The elderly care professionals at Country Villa Assisted Living in Freedom and Pulaski, WI, help residents lead their best possible life and share indications a move to a senior living facility could be the right decision.

3 Signs a Senior Might Need Assisted Living

1. Escalating Needs

Adults are used to doing things on their own, but they will reach a point when everyday chores become increasingly more difficult. If a senior is struggling with daily necessities like getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, cleaning their home, or preparing meals, consider assisted living to relieve some of their burdens. Elderly care professionals can help with basic tasks, letting residents remain as self-reliant as possible.

2. Memory Difficulties

Assisted living Freedom Pulaski WIIt's normal for people to forget where they put their keys or phone once in a while. However, if someone has large gaps in their memory or is progressively forgetting significant information, they might need dementia care or memory care. This service can provide clarity to people with recall issues and remind them of important tasks like taking medication and attending medical appointments.

3. Compromised Safety

Normal life in a house can become a struggle as people age. A slip in the shower or trip down the stairs can result in a severe injury that requires a visit to a physician or even a hospital. Assisted living facilities cater to the needs of seniors, offering spaces designed for safe and comfortable use.

Assisted living doesn’t mean a person is giving up their freedom — they’re gaining the support they need to make life easier and more enjoyable. Country Villa Assisted Living provides high-quality care to help senior citizens in the greater Green Bay, WI, area live their best life. Call their Freedom location at (920) 422-4620 or their Pulaski location at (920) 422-4629 to speak with a representative of the retirement home and schedule a visit. Check their website for more information about their accommodations and visit their Facebook page for updates from the senior living center.

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