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4 Reasons Pediatric Home Care Is Good for Kids and Families October 3, 2017

Rochelle Park, Bergen County
4 Reasons Pediatric Home Care Is Good for Kids and Families , Rochelle Park, New Jersey

All parents want what’s best for their child. But as a parent of a child with a disability or chronic illness, determining what’s best can be challenging, particularly when it comes to methods of care. There are numerous benefits associated with pediatric home care for the patient and family alike. Here, the experienced pediatric care staff at Stay Well Services, in Rochelle Park, NJ, explain the advantages of home care services.

4 Benefits of Pediatric Home Care

1. Coordinating With Families

If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed with the complexity of pediatric home care, the nurse can train you to properly care for the patient when they are not there. This gives you confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re capable of caring for your child when necessary. Your child also benefits because they can receive care from those they trust the most. Regardless of whether your child needs round-the-clock care, these nurses will also share the various care options available so you can make informed decisions.

2. Helping Families With Eligibility 

You may assume home-based pediatric care is more expensive than sending your child to a long-term care facility. But this isn’t necessarily true. Children with a disability are eligible for state waivers or non-income dependent programs. If you need help determining whether you qualify for certain programs, a pediatric home care service can assist you. 

3. Companionship

If your child isn’t able to leave the house or socialize often, they may become lonely. Home-based pediatric care nurses provide companionship and support for both the patient and family. In addition to their clinical duties, they’ll play with and talk to your child, providing companionship they may otherwise receive from peer relationships. Many home care nurses are also state-approved to accompany a child to school and provide continued care throughout the day. 

4. Support

Caring for a special needs child can be overwhelming for parents. In addition to providing excellent support for the patient, the nurse will help to reduce stress for the entire household by offering support and companionship for family members. They understand your struggles and are there to listen whenever you need someone to talk to.

If you’re a resident of Bergen, Passaic, or Essex County in need of pediatric home care, contact the trusted specialists at Stay Well Services. Their highly trained nurses provide compassionate, personalized care to patients of all ages. Call (201) 254-0206 or visit their website today to learn more.

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