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Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2017 September 29, 2017

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Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2017, Jackson, California

If you’re thinking of taking on a home restoration project, experts agree that the bathroom is a great place to start. Along with the kitchen, a quality bathroom is one of the main selling points that can add the most value when you’re looking to put your home on the market. Plus, entering a newly remodeled bathroom is simply a great way to start and end your day. Accents in Tile and Stone in Jackson, CA, is the area’s leading tile contractor that has been helping local residents transform their homes for more than 25 years. According to their team, there are some new trends this year that can help you impart a sense of style and functionality to your bathroom remodel.

Here are some of the top trends of 2017 you should consider during your bathroom remodel:

  • Mixing Materials: Mixing natural and modern materials is a big trend this year. The warmth of natural materials serves as a perfect complementary pairing with cooler modern pieces. Think about combining glass tile and synthetic materials or wood and stone in a way that creates a visually contrasting look. 
  • bathroom remodelKeep Simplicity in Mind: Simplicity is also a big trend this year. Home remodeling experts suggest focusing on quality materials like granite countertops and clean porcelain tiles to emphasize the beauty of the materials themselves. Talk to your home restoration specialist to get ideas on which materials to consider to make your bathroom stand out.
  • Impart a Sense of Uniformity: Another common trend that more homeowners are following this year is incorporating the same materials for both their walls and flooring. Using the same materials creates straight visual lines while imparting consistency throughout the room. Consider adding geometric patterns and thematic colors for a dynamic, playful look.

When tackling a bathroom remodel, quality is key. Rely on the home restoration experts at Accents in Tile and Stone for all your tile and stone installation needs. Call (209)822-6600 or visit them online for more information. 

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