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Decrease Your Child's Math Anxiety With These 3 Math Help Tips October 3, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
Decrease Your Child's Math Anxiety With These 3 Math Help Tips, Staten Island, New York

Math anxiety is a very real problem for many children and adolescents. Fortunately, there are several things your child can do to deal with math anxiety in helpful and proactive ways. Below, the math tutors at FasTracKids offer three math help tips for managing arithmetic-related anxiety; FasTracKids proudly serves young learners throughout the Grasmere neighborhood of Staten Island, New York.

3 Math Help Tips for Decreasing Your Child’s Math Anxiety

1. Make Math a Part of Your Child's Everyday Life

Don't limit math to the time your child is in the classroom. When they leave math at school, it only serves to heighten their anxiety and increase their fears about walking into a math class. Instead, make sure they do a little bit of math each day outside the confines of the classroom or school; this way, your child is making math a part of their daily life, and this goes a long way in boosting their comfort with it.

2. Encourage Questions…A Lot of Questions

math helpThere is never, ever shame in asking questions. For those who struggle with math and any associated anxieties, there may be some hesitation about reaching out for help or requesting clarification. But remember—this is your child's education, and they have every right to understand what is being taught. When they need math help or more instruction on any given lesson, encourage them to ask for assistance or further explanation; when they make asking questions a habit, they could soon be grasping math in ways they'd never imagined, thereby reducing anxiety and fostering a newfound interest in the subject.

3. Practice Relaxation

Relaxing is easier said than done during a scary or overwhelming situation. However, there are some easy, accessible things you can do to help your child work with their anxiety during an intense math experience. Teach them how to breathe deeply and slowly, and how to focus their attention on the breath. If this is too difficult, have them bring their attention to something outside of themselves; look at, say, a picture on the wall or the door of the room while still maintaining deep breathing. Little steps like this can stop math anxiety in its tracks.

Call (718) 260-8100 or visit FasTracKids online to sign your child up for any of their math-related learning options, including tutoring services and after-school programs. You can learn more about them and gain valuable tips and guidance on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Let FasTracKids do everything possible to help make math interesting, dynamic, and fun for the young learner in your life.

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