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Top 4 Reasons for Clogged Sinks October 3, 2017

Kaimuki, Honolulu
Top 4 Reasons for Clogged Sinks, Honolulu, Hawaii

Though quite common, clogged sinks can be an unexpected headache for any homeowner. Sometimes, understanding the problem itself can be half the battle. Plumbing experts at Fast Rooter Plumbing based in Oahu, HI, point out a few of the most common reasons your sink has clogged.

The next time your drain is backed up, their team recommends checking for:

  • Hair: A large component of clogged sinks is hair. While longer hairs from your head can become easily entangled into a mass, even the shorter hairs from your beard or body can clump together and line the inside of your drain, causing it to clog the bathroom sink.
  • Clogged sinksFood particles: Using a drain protection device in your kitchen sink can only prevent so much. Although it may ensure larger items such as vegetable peelings or pasta do not clog your sink, smaller components such as coffee grinds, drained fat, or grease can coat the inside of your drain. When this happens, your sink may become clogged and could overflow.
  • Soap residue: Believe it or not, the residue left over from most cleaning solutions can accumulate and line the walls of your drain. The soap scum also becomes a constant sticking point for many other particles, which can cause clogged sinks in both your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Faulty drain pipes: Whether due to damage or deterioration, your pipes may have become offset over time. This misalignment can restrict the proper flow of water through your plumbing system and can sometimes result in clogged sinks in your home.

If you consistently have clogged sinks, you may need to consult a professional. When this happens, turn to Fast Rooter Plumbing. For over 20 years, they have provided exceptional, affordable plumbing services to clients in the Oahu area. From pipe leaks to garbage disposal malfunctions, their experienced plumbers can fix it all. They specialize in both repairs and installations and can assist you with any plumbing problem, whether common or unusual. Call (808) 734-4938 now for a consultation, or visit their website to view their extensive list of services.

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