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Retrofitting a Commercial Restaurant Refrigeration System October 2, 2017

Roosevelt Park, Anchorage
Retrofitting a Commercial Restaurant Refrigeration System, Anchorage, Alaska

Commercial restaurant refrigeration units are essential to a food service establishment’s functionality. In older restaurants or other existing businesses where appliances are already installed, it may be difficult to replace the entire system with a new, more energy-efficient model. The next best thing is retrofitting the system with an innovative solution that adds beneficial elements to your operation. Here’s what you can anticipate with a retrofitted system.

Benefits of Retrofitting a Commercial Refrigeration System

1. Defrost When Needed

restaurant refrigerationLarge restaurant refrigeration units can consume quite a bit of energy. It’s worth it to explore different money-saving avenues even if you can’t install an entirely new energy-efficient unit. Some retrofitting solutions are designed with technologically savvy features that determine the best times for defrosting to occur. Instead of defrosting constantly and expending valuable energy, the fridge only defrosts when it’s necessary.

2. Remote Monitoring

If a restaurant refrigeration system’s conditions aren’t accurately calibrated, it may cause food to spoil. Retrofitting solutions offer users the ability to monitor refrigeration usage from anywhere. Through this functionality, it’s possible to determine the most sensible temperature for different types of foods and provide users with an accurate reading of the commercial refrigeration unit’s ability to cool food sufficiently. Keeping a close watch on this information will prevent food loss in the future.

3. Great Return on Investment

Through these benefits, business owners see a remarkable return on their investment. Between the savings on monthly utility bills and food supplies, owners can rely on their commercial kitchen equipment to go the extra mile for their business.

When you’re unable to completely replace your restaurant refrigeration system, consider retrofitting as a practical option that will work in favor of your company. It may be the most valuable investment you’ll make in your kitchen.


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