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What Makes Lyme Disease So Hard to Diagnose? October 5, 2017

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What Makes Lyme Disease So Hard to Diagnose?, Hanover, Massachusetts

Although Lyme Disease is one of the fastest-growing infectious diseases in the U.S., it often goes undetected, leaving victims feeling sicker and sicker as they scramble to figure out the reason why. Tick control experts say victims of the disease may go undiagnosed due to the following reasons.

It’s Often Misdiagnosed

Lyme Disease symptoms overlap with symptoms of other conditions. They may include fatigue, muscle and joint pain, poor quality of sleep, fever, and chills, among others. These symptoms are often associated with chronic conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and multiple sclerosis.

Bull’s-Eye Rash May Not Present

If you are bitten by a tick and the disease is transmitted to you, one of the most obvious signs is a large rash around the site of the bite that looks like a bull’s-eye. However, this characteristic symptom does not present in about 50% of patients, which can make both patients and doctors consider other illnesses first.

tick controlTests Aren’t Always Thorough

Even those who are tested for Lyme Disease may have difficulty getting a diagnosis. Laboratory tests often only test for one strand of the Lyme Disease bacteria, while in reality, hundreds exist. This leaves many Lyme Disease sufferers in the dark.

If you have been bitten by a tick, it’s important to remove the insect, wash the wound, and see your doctor as soon as you can. For the best tick bite prevention in Massachusetts, ask Mosquito Shield of South Shore, Cape Cod & South Coast to employ their residential tick control methods. To learn more about the mosquito control and tick control company, call (781) 424-5697 or visit them online.

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