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3 Signs Teeth Extraction Is Necessary November 16, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Signs Teeth Extraction Is Necessary, Anchorage, Alaska

Sometimes, a tooth can’t be saved, and leaving it in place can cause further harm to your dental health. In these cases, teeth extraction is the only solution. Because you only see the dentist several times each year, the staff at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska in Anchorage says it’s important to recognize when teeth extraction is necessary. This will help you seek treatment and stop irreparable damage from happening.

3 Indicators You Need a Tooth Extraction

1. Advanced Decay

When a tooth has decayed, either from a cavity, root infection, or gum disease, and is beyond repair, tooth extraction is the best solution. Your teeth require bone to support themselves. If enough rots away, bridges and crowns cannot fix decayed areas. If you experience numbness, pain, or bleeding, see a dentist, especially if you notice visible decay. While they can’t save the tooth, they can keep any infection or decay from advancing.

2. Trauma

teeth extractionA severely broken tooth is highly susceptible to infection. When extreme trauma occurs, bonding, crowns, and other reconstructive treatments may not be able to fix it. In these instances, it’s more effective to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant. If it remains, it acts as an open wound and can cause advanced damage to the gums.

3. Crowding

If an oversized or crooked tooth begins causing your teeth to shift, it may be more beneficial to remove it rather than going through extensive orthodontic treatment. Wisdom teeth are the most common example of this. Even if you aren’t experiencing pain or noticing any shifting, these teeth can be causing damage beneath the gum line, making teeth extraction necessary if your mouth is too crowded.

If you’re in need of extraction or other oral surgeries, turn to the staff at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska. They handle teeth extraction and restorative treatments and are dedicated to helping clients maintain a healthy smile. Call (907) 561-1430 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their practice.

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