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3 Tips for Preventing Falls in the Elderly October 4, 2017

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3 Tips for Preventing Falls in the Elderly, Henrietta, New York

Fall risk increases progressively with age. In fact, half of all seniors over 80 report an accident each year, so you should take proactive steps to minimize these challenges for the older adult in your life. Lifetime Care in Rochester, NY, is a home elderly care provider that has offered quality services for almost 60 years. Their home health care professionals provide three tips to make your loved one’s home safer.

Home Health Care Experts Share How to Minimize the Risk of Falling

1. Clear Clutter

Removing obstacles, such as bulky furniture or old magazines, is the first step in home elderly care and fall prevention. Pay careful attention to narrow hallways and staircases that may be difficult for the elderly to navigate. Any paths frequently traveled, such as to the fridge or medicine cabinet, should be fully cleared.

2. Add Grab Bars & Handrails

home health careStepping out of the shower, getting up from the toilet, or walking down the stairs pose a huge fall risk for seniors. Grab bars and handrails, particularly in the bathroom and stairwells, provides your elderly loved one added stability. This fix is highly affordable, and home health care experts recommend having a handyman ensure secure placement. 

3. Adequate Lighting

As individuals age, vision changes can make it difficult to see in dim lights or to transition from bright to dark. Install radiant bulbs in dim areas, such as hallways and closets, for easy viewing. Additionally, install night lights and motion-activated sensors that lead to the bathroom for night time mobility assistance.

Removing obstacles and adding a few features will allow your senior family member to maintain independence and avoid catastrophic falls. The compassionate team at Lifetime Care is prepared to complete a full safety assessment of the home so you can rest assured you’ve taken all precautions to create a secure and comfortable living space. To schedule your visit, reach out to a home health care aide by phone at (585) 214-1000 or visit their website for information on their five convenient locations across NY’s Finger Lakes region.

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