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Audiology Clinic Discusses Everything You Need to Know About Dizziness & Hearing Loss October 11, 2017

East Brunswick, Middlesex County
Audiology Clinic Discusses Everything You Need to Know About Dizziness & Hearing Loss, East Brunswick, New Jersey

Your sense of balance depends on the coordination of three important points: your eyes, your inner ears, and the muscles and joints of your body. Therefore, a loss of hearing can hinder your equilibrium, causing dizziness.

Luckily, Granville Brady Au.D., the premier audiology clinic in East Brunswick and Clifton, NJ, has seen a wide range of hearing disabilities and their effects. Here, their experienced audiologists explain what you need to know about dizziness and how hearing loss can cause it.

How Does the Inner Ear Organ Cause Dizziness?

audiology clinicVarious issues involving the inner ear organ can cause dizziness. Problems with blood circulation or the buildup of fluid pressure can disturb the inner ear organ, leading to hearing loss and dizziness. You may feel symptoms such as lightheadedness, vertigo, and a general unsteadiness when you turn your head too quickly.

How Is This Ailment Diagnosed?

For an accurate diagnosis, schedule an appointment for a hearing test at a trusted audiology clinic. A specialist will record your brainwave responses to sounds to assess your hearing and determine whether it is the underlying source of your dizziness.

What Are the Available Treatment Options?

If the cause of your dizziness is hearing loss, your audiologist may suggest getting fitted for a hearing aid. They will be able to help you choose a model that best suits your situation and can alleviate your worst symptoms.

If you think you may be suffering from hearing loss and are interested in scheduling a hearing test, contact the office of Granville Brady Au.D. at (732) 387-2395. You can also visit their website to learn more about the audiology clinic or to browse their full list of services. To stay up-to-date on regular office news and learn more useful information about hearing loss, like Granville Brady Au.D. on Facebook.

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