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Personal Injury Guide: How to Pursue Compensation After a Dog Bite October 9, 2017

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Personal Injury Guide: How to Pursue Compensation After a Dog Bite , Kalispell, Montana

If you suffered a personal injury due to a dog bite in Montana, how do you obtain compensation from the animal’s owner and other responsible parties? The steps below will help position you for financial recovery when someone’s canine companion causes injury or wrongful death.

What to Do After a Dog Bites You: A Personal Injury Guide

Dog Bite Law

Montana applies the legal doctrine of strict liability to dog owners when dog bites occur in the state’s cities and towns. The law requires bite victims to prove personal injury and damage resulting from a dog attack. However, they do not have to show the owners knew their dogs were vicious or prone to biting.

personal injuryImmediate Steps After a Bite

As quickly as you can after suffering a dog bite, take down a description of the dog and find out the name and address of the animal’s owner. Make note of any witnesses, call the police, and seek medical attention. Dog bites carry germs that cause illnesses including rabies.   

Document the geographic location where the attack occurred and record your injuries using photographs, videos, and notes. Report the incident to the health department, and keep a daily log of your healing or lack of it. Your medical professionals will use the log to protect your health, and your personal injury lawyer will use it to seek compensation for you.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

Cities and counties apply differing rules in dog bite cases. Consulting a personal injury lawyer is key to learning your rights and receiving advice. Your attorney will prepare and present your paperwork properly, on time, and to the right person, agency, or court. Many claims settle without lawsuits. When appropriate, your lawyer will participate in settlement negotiations, always keeping your best interests first.


Personal injury attorney Alex Evans of Glacier Law Firm in Kalispell, Montana, offers skilled and compassionate representation to individuals injured by dog bites and other incidents causing serious harm or wrongful death. Call (406) 552-4343 or contact the firm through their website today to schedule your consultation. For up-to-the-minute news, follow them on Facebook.

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