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An Auto Accident Lawyer Shares 3 Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers September 27, 2017

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An Auto Accident Lawyer Shares 3 Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers, Charlotte, North Carolina

While safe driving skills are essential at any age, they are especially important for teen drivers. Compared to all other age groups, teenage drivers have the highest average annual crash rate. Below, auto accident lawyer and personal injury attorney Carl Nagle of Nagle & Associates, PA, offers three safe driving tips for the teenage driver; Attorney Nagle and his team serve clients in the Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Wilmington, Hickory, Asheville, and Greensboro, North Carolina areas.

3 Safe Driving Tips for Teenage Drivers

1. Shut Off Your Phoneauto accident lawyer

Texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. Even if you are fortunate enough to avoid an accident, any North Carolina driver under 18 who is caught using a wireless communication device will receive a traffic citation. This ban includes texting, as well as both handheld and handsfree cellphones. For the safety of everyone on the road, shut off your phone before putting the key in the ignition.

2. Buckle Up--& Make Everyone Else Buckle Up, Too

There's a reason that every state in the union has some type of seatbelt law on the books: seatbelts work. Get in the habit of buckling up every time you get behind the wheel, and make it a rule that you don't turn the car on unless all your passengers, front seat and back, are buckled up as well. You could quite literally be saving lives.

3. Switch on Your Headlights

It takes a quick second to flip on your headlights, but it could mean the difference between arriving safely at your destination and getting into an accident. Headlights not only better illuminate your way, but they allow other vehicles to see you more clearly. In the early morning and early evening, headlights are especially crucial.

If you have been involved in a car or truck accident, trust Nagle & Associates, PA, to give you the quality legal representation you deserve. Call (336) 723-4500 or visit them online to arrange a free consultation with an auto accident lawyer, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn helpful legal tips and advice. Let an experienced auto accident lawyer be your legal advocate.

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