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Bronx Dentist Shares 4 Risks of Not Flossing October 12, 2017

Co-Op City, Bronx
Bronx Dentist Shares 4 Risks of Not Flossing, Bronx, New York

Flossing may take a few extra minutes out of your day, but those extra minutes are one of the best ways to protect your dental health for a lifetime. Dentists recommend flossing once a day, but when life gets busy, it’s easy to sideline this important healthcare step. Here’s what can happen if you don’t make flossing a priority in your dental care routine.

4 Risks of Not Flossing

1. Tooth Decay

Flossing removes harmful bacteria from places your toothbrush can’t reach. If left undisturbed, the bacteria will lead to cavities. Fillings will prevent the cavities from getting worse, but the tooth’s structure is already damaged and weakened and may lead to future dental work.  

2. Gum Disease

Bleeding gums, gum recession and bleeding or swollen gums are all signs of gum disease. At the early stages, gum disease is reversible, but as it worsens, the repercussions can be permanent, creating damage to the soft tissues and bone that hold your teeth in place.

3. Tooth Loss

In the advanced stages, gum disease and the accompanying weakening of bone and tissue can lead to tooth loss, infection and possibly pain that may call for emergency dentistry. Tooth loss requires costly restorative dental procedures, so talk to your dentist about your risk factors for gum disease.

4. Bad Breathdentist

Nobody wants bad breath, but food particles left behind can cause this embarrassing problem. No breath mint or gum can mask or erase halitosis brought on by lack of flossing. You must remove the food particles and recommit to your dental health.  

If flossing isn’t a daily part of your dental care routine, start now. You’ll be proud next time you make a trip to the dentist, and you’ll be taking an important step to care for your health.


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