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5 Garden Edging Stone Ideas September 13, 2017

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5 Garden Edging Stone Ideas, Stallings, North Carolina

Landscaping quickly becomes a passion for homeowners and business owners. The right combination of plant life and hardscaping can create inviting outdoor living spaces that inspire tranquility and unforgettable entertaining. That’s why locals throughout Mathews, NC, choose to work with Decorative Creations. As experts in both landscape design and hardscaping, they often help customers decide on the right edging stones for a garden. 

Top 5 Edging Stones to Use in Your Garden

River Rocks

Edging StonesSmooth river rocks are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They make a perfect edging stone, especially when you need to fill a trench or gap between your plants and a sidewalk. Feel free to use a variety of colors to create a visually dynamic edge.  


When creating a rustic garden, cobblestone is an ideal choice. Better yet, you can use the same stone to create your walkways and your edging so your landscape is seamless. 

Recycled Bricks

Recycled bricks — worn and in a variety of colors and sizes — make the perfect edging stone. The rich rust color is a great contrast next to soil and green plants. Plus, these used bricks will be available at a lower price point. That means you’ll have more money in the budget to install functional pieces like fire pits or retaining walls. 

Raised Stones

If your soil isn’t filled with nutrients, raised flower beds are your best bet to keep your garden flourishing. Use raised stones to create natural edging to this kind of garden. 

Complementary Stones

When in doubt, try using a variety of edging stones! Pair smooth river stones with cobblestone walkways to create interesting visuals that stay beautiful through every season. 

Any time your backyard or commercial outdoor space in the Matthews, NC area, needs some landscaping help, Decorative Creations is your one-stop shop for design and maintenance. Call them today at (704) 847-7944 to set up a consultation. For more information on their services — including hardscaping and installing edging stones — check out their website

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