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Emergency Care Team's 5 Warning Signs of a Stroke September 13, 2017

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Emergency Care Team's 5 Warning Signs of a Stroke, Dardanelle, Arkansas

When a stroke occurs, the time it takes to receive emergency care is critical to a patient’s survival and long-term prognosis. This is why River Valley Medical Center in Dardanelle, AR, encourages each one of its patients to know the warning signs of a stroke. Explore the hospital’s most reliable signs, so if you or a loved one have them, you can head to an emergency room quickly. 

Arm Weakness 

Emergency-CareOne of the most common symptoms of a stroke is weakness or paralysis in one arm. Patients can also experience weakness in both arms or any other part of the body. If you suspect a stroke, ask your loved one to raise their arms. If there is frailty or numbness in one arm, seek emergency care immediately. 

Facial Changes 

Another reliable sign of stroke is the presence of weak facial muscles. Look for one side of the mouth drooping downward, especially when the person smiles. Your loved one may also be having a stroke if they are experiencing facial numbness or lose control of their smile, especially on one side. 

Speech Impairment 

A stroke usually comes with significant speech difficulty. Your loved one may slur their words when they talk. They may also have trouble getting words out of their mouth. If you are worried, ask them to repeat a simple sentence. If they are having trouble communicating, it’s time to visit the hospital. 


Some patients may also experience dizziness during a stroke. If your friend or family member is off balance, has vertigo or nausea, or loses coordination, their brain may be losing oxygen. It is especially important to take these symptoms seriously when accompanied by one of the symptoms above. 


Finally, watch out for signs of confusion. This includes the inability to recognize people and places. They may also be unable to tell you the time and date. If the patient is suddenly confused about who you are or where they are located, call the paramedics. 

Additional symptoms include behavioral changes, muscle stiffness, involuntary eye movements, and severe headache. By knowing the symptoms of a stroke, permanent damage can be avoided and lives can be saved. To discover where to go to receive emergency care for this condition, visit River Valley Medical Center in Dardanelle online. You can also learn more about their emergency room and hospital services by calling them at (479) 229-4677. 

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