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The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening September 13, 2017

Clifton, Cincinnati
The Importance of Pre-Employment Screening, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you hire an employee, you are welcoming a new member to your work family. You want to ensure this person is honest, reliable, and capable — if not, company operations and other employees may be at risk. One way to confirm that a potential hire can be trusted is via a pre-employment screening. This may comprise several procedures, including background check, drug screening, and finger print verification.

surveillanceInformation obtained from such procedures can help you hire the right candidate, reducing employee turnover and related expenses down the line. Having this process in place not only eliminates unqualified or dishonest individuals, but it can also discourage applicants with a difficult history from applying. This means less irrelevant resumes to weed through.

So when should the pre-employment screening be initiated? You shouldn’t simply run every resume you get through a background check! This is best done after the initial applicant screening when a conditional job offer has been made. Additionally, the applicant should sign a disclosure and release form — any investigation should not proceed without this.

If negative findings turn up in the pre-employment screening, the applicant should be notified. A pre-adverse action letter and a copy of the report should be provided, giving the applicant a chance to explain questionable results. If they fail to respond or explain the findings, the employer can proceed with the decision not to hire. The Fair Credit Reporting Act has details regarding the legal notification obligations required in such a case.

To avoid any potential liability — such as a negligent hiring lawsuit — it’s important to turn to qualified professionals to run any pre-employment screening processes. This ensures that the procedures are done according to local and federal guidelines. Additionally, this will get you results that are reliable and correct, protecting the interests of the potential employee and your company.


If you need a pre-employment screening, Quest Associates of Ohio can help. Located in Cincinnati, they offer local and worldwide private investigative, surveillance, and security services. Their team of professionals is comprised exclusively of former law enforcement officers who are dedicated to providing each client with personalized attention. To discuss your needs directly, use their online form or call (513) 200-6406.

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