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Indian vs. Thai Curry September 13, 2017

Las Cruces, Doña Ana
Indian vs. Thai Curry, Las Cruces, New Mexico

Curry is a flavorful favorite, a spicy mix of meat and vegetables cooked in a thick, strong sauce and served over rice. An Asian food staple, different diners serve different varieties. Some prefer Thai curry, while others prefer the Indian version. But what’s the difference? Las Cruces, NM’s one-of-a-kind Indian restaurant, THAINDIA, blends both cultures with fresh, flavorful ingredients and a hearty helping of creativity. Here, the chefs explain the difference between curry dishes.

Indian Curry

Indian curry gets its start from a dry, yellow-orange powder base. This zesty mixture is prepared with a wide variety of spices, including coriander, cumin, chili peppers, and turmeric, which lends the authentic Indian cuisine its yellow color. While the Indian recipe was created by European immigrants, it’s based on a classic dish called garam masala, which is still used in northern India.

Thick, hearty, and filled with flavor, families love this convenient dish; its mixture of dry spices can be kept for a month and still taste as fresh as the day it was made. Prepare to find savory takes on the classic at your local Indian restaurant.

Thai Curry

curryThai curry doesn’t offer a dry base, but a thick, curry paste mixed with fresh herbs and spices. This ingredient means that the Thai variety can’t be kept as long as Indian cuisine, but it’s every bit as flavorful. Thai food is cooked for less time, with fresh ingredients such as vegetables and seafood added while it’s prepared. 

This curry version is also light and soupy, as chefs add coconut milk or water to achieve their desired texture. Different spins on the classic are found throughout Thailand. While some make for ideal soup on their own, others need the rice for that perfect mix you crave when “Asian food” comes to mind. 

Not only does THAINDIA serve up fresh, decadent Asian food from two unique cultures, but it does so for a good cause. During September, the restaurant proudly supports the "No Kid Hungry" campaign by donating a percentage of monthly sales to children in need. Each curry dish you eat this month will help their mission, so don’t be afraid to dig in! Visit the restaurant on Facebook to learn more, or call (575) 742-8424 to reserve your seat today.