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How Ductless Heating & Cooling Prevents Hot & Cold Spots September 13, 2017

Freeport, Hempstead
How Ductless Heating & Cooling Prevents Hot & Cold Spots, Hempstead, New York

From windows that jam to a limited supply of hot water, every home has its quirks. One common problem a home can have is that one room won't get cool in the summer or warm the winter. But this isn't a frustration you have to live with. Mitsubishi Electric® ductless heating and cooling systems are the perfect solutions for your home's hot and cold spots. Below, Elm Air Conditioning Corporation, located in Freeport, NY, shares some helpful information about Mitsubishi AC and heating systems.

With a ductless heating and cooling system, you have the freedom to adjust the temperature of all the rooms in your home. Unlike window units, split systems require only a small hole in a wall to connect the inside system with the outside compressor. This makes for easy installation so you can be up and running and more comfortable in your home in less than a day.

Mitsubishi Electric systems come with sensors that use infrared technology. Not only can they sense the temperature of the space, but they can also tell how many people are in the room. These smart units will make the necessary system adjustments to keep your home at a consistent temperature, no matter how many people are in it.

Ductless Heating and CoolingSome Mitsubishi Electric systems, such as ceiling cassettes, feature multiway airflow. This functionality allows you to adjust vents remotely to direct air flow as needed. If you have a poorly insulated window, positioning the vents near but pointing away from that window can help your room maintain a consistent temperature. Mitsubishi Electric systems give you the flexibility you need to fit the unique quirks of your home.

With a ductless heating and cooling system, you can keep all rooms comfortable. Elm Air Conditioning Corporation is a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond contractor, and they can install and maintain any Mitsubishi Electric systems. Their reliable technicians serve Nassau County and provide free estimates. Contact them today at (516) 377-3200.

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