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5 Used Truck Parts Worth Buying September 13, 2017

Hobbs, Lea
5 Used Truck Parts Worth Buying, Hobbs, New Mexico

If you own a fleet of commercial trucks near Lea County, NM, Hobbs Spring & Suspension is your one-stop shop. These trusted truck mechanics do so much more than fix vehicles. They also happen to have a comprehensive salvage yard filled with used truck parts in top-notch condition. To save some money and a few headaches, investing in used parts is a great option. 

Top 5 Used Truck Parts to Buy


Used Truck PartsMany trucks and trailers have rear axles that are used specifically for load bearing. As such, acquiring a used axle can be a great way to update your vehicle at a much lower cost. When exploring used options, look for a salvage yard that has axles with minimal rust and damage. 


When looking to save money and be sustainable, used tires are an excellent option. In a pinch, it’s easy to find used truck tires that can last for several thousand miles. They may not have the same warranty, but they’ll keep you on the road safe and sound for months, if not years. 


In a minor accident, side mirrors often get knocked off or cracked. These items can be easily found in a salvage yard for a fraction of the cost. 


After a fender bender, bumpers tend to be the first item to get damaged or removed. The good news is, salvaged bumpers are common and an easy item to replace. Before purchasing a brand new option, call a local salvage yard like Hobbs Spring & Suspension to see what might be available. 

Brake Parts

When looking for a quick, but temporary option, used brake rotors can get you back on the road right away and at a lower price point. Before installing used brake parts, make sure they are in good condition without rust and cracks that can lead to serious issues. 

Residents from Lovington to Odessa, NM, depend on Hobbs Spring & Suspension for used truck parts. Call them today at (575) 393-3051 to speak with a helpful member of their salvage yard team. For more information on their services, including their staff of experienced truck mechanics, check out their website. 

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