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Greensboro Civil Litigation Attorney Explains State Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practice Laws September 13, 2017

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Greensboro Civil Litigation Attorney Explains State Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practice Laws, Greensboro, North Carolina

Every company wants to present their products and services in the best light possible, but state laws place strict limits on the claims they can make and how they can conduct business. In North Carolina, companies that engage in overtly misleading advertising or attempt to monopolize a market may be subject to criminal penalties, stiff fines, and civil litigation suits filed by consumers or other businesses injured by unfair practices. This guide explains the state’s laws governing deceptive business activities.  

Unfair Business Practices

civil litigation Greensboro NCWhen one company conspires to control every aspect of a market, consumers and other entrepreneurs often suffer due to lack of choice. However, a business does not have to set up a monopoly to run afoul of North Carolina’s unfair business practices law. Noncompetition rules state that agreements between companies in the same industry designed to divide up territory and limit consumer choice can also be considered unfair.

False or Misleading Advertising

Businesses often make grand claims about their products or services, most of which are carefully crafted to fall within the bounds of the law. However, if companies state their products are clinically proven or all-natural when they’re not, they could be open to civil litigation by individuals and North Carolina’s attorney general. Consumers tricked into paying for a product based on misleading advertising may be able to file a suit and get their money back, along with attorney’s fees and other damages, depending on the severity of the offense. 


If you’ve fallen victim to false advertising or unfair business practices, or your company has received a complaint, the civil litigation attorneys at The Law Office of W. Randall Holcomb PLLC have the experience and skills to ensure your interests are protected. Learn more about their array of business litigation services online, and call (336) 888-8760 to schedule a consultation today. For more legal advice, news, and updates, follow the firm on Facebook.

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