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Oncology Experts Compare Conventional & Alternative Cancer Treatments December 6, 2017

Westbury, North Hempstead
Oncology Experts Compare Conventional & Alternative Cancer Treatments, North Hempstead, New York

Thousands of new cancer cases are diagnosed each year. Patients are immediately faced with an onslaught of information including potential treatment plans to choose from and their side effects. Linchitz Medical Wellness in Westbury, NY, practice alternative treatments that you may not be aware of when faced with this tough situation. Their compassionate team of oncology specialists is here to explain some integrative and alternative cancer treatment options and how they compare to traditional methods so you can make the best decision for your health.

Alternative Oncology Methods

Intravenous Therapy 

Intravenous therapy involves pumping the patient’s body with nutrients through an IV. This is important for cancer patients who are not responding to oral vitamins or are not seeing effects quickly enough. 

Insulation Potentiation Treatment (IPT)

This unique therapy uses a combination of insulin and low-dose chemotherapy drugs. The insulin helps the traditional chemo drugs target cancer cells by funneling the effects. Further, this form of regenerative cell therapy reduces damage to other healthy cells and tissue, which protects the patient from further illness.

Conventional Oncology Methods

oncologyThe therapies mentioned above are simply two of the many alternative treatments that are being used for cancer treatment today. However, many of these alternative treatments share the same differences from traditional medicine. For example, these treatments will not have the same intensity of side effects, such as hair loss, weight loss, nausea, and chemical burns.

Additionally, the goal of traditional therapies is to kill the cancer cells, which includes any other cells in its path. As a result, many cancer patients have extremely weakened immune systems, leaving them susceptible to other illnesses. Alternative treatments, on the other hand, aim to protect the body’s healthy cells and instead boost the immune system to help stop aggressive cancer. Finally, many traditional treatments require oncology office visits or even lengthy hospital stays. Natural treatments become a part of the patient’s life and are typically less invasive overall. 

Alternative treatments methods such as intravenous therapy and IPT offer a variety of benefits over traditional methods. The most prominent differences include lessened side effects and a healthier immune system.  Let the oncology professionals with Linchitz Medical Wellness guide you through all of the potential options to select the plan that’s right for you. Give them a call at (516) 759-4200, or visit them online for more information regarding their services.

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