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3 Development Benefits of Enrolling Your Newborn in Infant Swimming Lessons September 28, 2017

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3 Development Benefits of Enrolling Your Newborn in Infant Swimming Lessons, Hawthorne, New Jersey

You’ve probably heard of classes for kids, but what about infant swimming lessons? Your baby can benefit from spending time in the water, and not only because it mitigates a fear of swimming. The team at Elite Gymnastics in the Passaic and Bergen County area of NJ, explains that there is a myriad of advantages to teaching kids very early on, as it can improve their development.

3 Reason to Enroll in Infant Swimming Lessons

1. Coordination

Coordination is one of the first skills newborns learn. Infant swimming lessons provide the perfect opportunity for your little one to play with the water, working on getting their limbs to sync with their brain so they can effectively splash and kick to stay afloat. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for your baby and your family.

2. Balance

infant swimming lessonsNewborns also spend a great deal of time mastering balance. Infant swimming lessons provide a lower-gravity environment for your baby to develop this important skill. Don’t be surprised if your child can better maintain balance in the water than out. Spending time in the pool also helps them advance on land faster than babies who don’t swim. 

3. Muscle Strengthening

Some of the major milestones that parents look for in their newborns include rolling over, sitting up, and eventually walking. These big steps occur as your child gains strength to lift their head and move their limbs. Help your baby build muscle by partaking in infant swimming lessons, where your little one will work out while having a blast.

Infant swimming lessons are great for child development, bonding, and having fun. Your baby can begin as soon as they’re six months old. They’ll start with breathing techniques, then slowly progress to stay afloat and swim. To enroll your newborn with Elite Gymnastics, call (973) 423-4040 today or visit the website for information about their schedule, as well as other classes like cheerleading, rock climbing, and the NinjaZone program. 

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