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3 Signs You Need Chimney Cleaning or Repair September 20, 2017

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3 Signs You Need Chimney Cleaning or Repair, Kennebunkport, Maine

Many homeowners consider their chimneys a worry-free part of the home as something that doesn’t require much maintenance. Without routine chimney cleaning, however, problems will arise. Fire is a major risk factor, so if any damage has occurred, don’t hold off on chimney repair. If you haven’t evaluated this structure in awhile, professional work might be necessary to keep your household safe. Below are three signs you should spring for a professional chimney sweep.

3 Warning Signs That You’re Due for a Chimney Cleaning

1. White Staining

Also known as efflorescence, white discoloration is simple to spot. While chimney cleaning eliminates the stains themselves, efflorescence points to a deeper issue: excess moisture buildup. This is what causes stains in the first place, and without chimney repair, it will continue to do so. If the issue isn’t resolved, deterioration could happen. A chimney sweep will solve the problem at its source, extending the life of your chimney and avoiding other moisture-related issues, such as fungus and mold.

2. Damaged Mortar Jointschimney cleaning

Mortar joints are what keeps your chimney standing strong, so if you notice deterioration, call a chimney sweep immediately. The more these joints deteriorate, the more your structure’s masonry is exposed to moisture. In addition to noticeable, unattractive cracks, you’re putting your household at risk. Every time it rains or snows, the entire chimney will feel the weight of the damage, and it could collapse if the mortar isn’t repaired. 

3. Shaling

Your chimney’s flue lining doesn’t just protect the structure itself; it ensures the secure operation of both your chimney and your fireplace. Chimney cleaning keeps the flue fresh and free of clogs, while repair offsets any issues. Chimney tile falling into your fireplace is the most noticeable sign of damaged flue lining, and it makes repair 100% necessary. An annual inspection covers cleaning, maintenance, and repair all at once, ensuring that your chimney and fireplace are functioning smoothly. 


Kennebunkport, ME’s Absolute Chimney Service is dedicated to high-quality chimney cleaning and repair. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, the expert team does everything necessary to keep your structure clean and safe, eliminating the risk of fire, excess moisture, and emissions buildup. Visit the company online for more information, or call (207) 967-2274 to schedule an inspection today.

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